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SAP Improves with New Version of Business One Application

SAP released version 8.82 for Business One. In its newest version, SAP addresses specific product needs for small businesses. Business One is an application that integrates all core business functions, which eliminates the need for multiple modules.

Business One application

Business One’s software application creates quotes, enters orders, tracks sales opportunities, initiates marketing campaigns (by using templates for mass emails) and provides support for customer service contracts and warranties. As opposed to software partitioning with different departments, Business One handles it all in one easy application. Indeed, Business One assists with various departments, such as: accounting and financials, sales and customers, purchasing and operations, inventory and distributions, and administration. Business One features top-class reliability and performance features.

Improved Efficiency

With version 8.82, Business One states they are committed towards maintaining an open dialogue by responding to small business needs. Improvements include expanding their customer service management (CRM) application, allowing companies to develop and manage multichannel marketing programs. In addition, the configuration wizard guides users through essential settings with an assortment of application areas. This includes the “pick and pack process,” allowing better management and support for back-order functionality, as well as, flexible material requirements planning (MRP) and effective long-term business planning.

The MRP chain process has also improved. Small businesses have greater control and flexibility over MRP parameters, allowing for better inventory levels. In addition, improved weekly display options allow for better forecasting capabilities.

Businesses can record blanket agreements to reflect long-term sales or purchasing agreements that have been negotiated with business partners. Sales or purchasing documents can then be linked to blanket agreements and used for quantity reservation, revenue forecasts and capacity planning. Blanket agreements are involved in cash-flow calculations, MRP runs and the procurement process.

According to SAP CEO, Business One 8.82 has reached an improved and different maturity level, he said. “It has now unfolded its full potential, embracing innovations like mobility, to become the de facto standard for the needs of small and midsized companies.”

SAP Business One 8.82 is available through starter packages and subscription-based hosting options.

[Photo courtesy of SAP.]