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The Six Keys to CRM Software

The Six Keys to CRM Software

In order for any business to function efficiently, a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is key. When dealing with sales teams and clients, it is essential to find a user-friendly platform that works well with your business model and can also protect and organize your customer database. In essence, your CRM software should help you grow your business, produce more sales and collect more clients. Here are some things you should consider when choosing a CRM system for your business:


company goals

Company Goals

What CRM platform has the right fit for your particular business? You might want to consider the direction you’re headed towards, given your business size. Also, what aspects of your work are you trying to improve and what are your priorities? How large is your team and how much growth in sales are you expecting? From where will your team be working and how many people will be utilizing the software? How much are you willing to spend? These questions are important when researching the right software that will fulfill your company’s needs.

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamic CRM may be the biggest names in the industry but that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your business. If your business is small to midsize, these enterprise-level software solutions might be a little too intensive. Not only will have these high level solutions have more than you need, but they could also be a bit pricey as well. So before you dive into the deep end, define first what you truly need based on your business. There are plenty of other software options that offer similar features that are not only more cost-efficient, but user-friendly also.




Seeing as many people work remotely nowadays or are constantly on the run, a CRM solution that is not mobile optimized simply does not measure up anymore. A mobile CRM platform provides team members with immediate access to important and up-to-date company information such as client lists, account history, recent purchases and sale statistics. Having a CRM platform like this will make every person on your team more productive in the long term and more prepared at any given moment.



Compatibility and Customization

Your CRM software must be easy to use on any device and molded to the needs of every team and team member. The platform must be able to integrate seamlessly with other platforms like business process management software. Within your team, every member has different work processes, just like every business has distinct operational methods–  your CRM system should only make things easier for everyone, not more confusing, painful and time-consuming.

A compatible CRM should be able to work well with other popular tools such as Gmail, Quickbooks and Mailchimp. If your CRM of choice is not entirely compatible with your applications, it is likely that you will have to do double the work just to update a simple document or data sheet. The information will not be accessible to everyone in every location and edits will not be automatically updated. This is one of the most important points when choosing a CRM for your business, so be sure to do your research first to make your life and everyone else’s a little bit easier.




Many times, purchasing a highly complex CRM will do nothing but make things harder for your business. When picking out the right software, you don’t need to have every feature that’s out there in the market. Instead, analyze what your business truly needs first and then purchase a CRM software that targets those key points. Plan out what key features are important to have for you and your business. All CRM softwares are not created equal so take your time when making a decision. Analyze all the options that are out there. In business and life, sometimes less is more.



Efficiency vs. Pricing

Another helpful tip is to do a trial run before purchasing the software. It’s best to gauge the ROI first before moving forward. Is it so complex that it takes more time to set up than it would to do the work yourself, or does it help the sales run smoothly? Is it worth the investment? There is no need to waste your time or spend large amounts of money on a CRM that is not right for you, so analyze your choices well before you settle down with one.


user adoption

User Adoption

It’s always hard implementing a new system into the company’s workflow. Adapting to a new system takes time and making the adjustments may be frustrating at times. But whatever CRM you choose, make sure it solves more problems than causing more. You wouldn’t want to create more work for yourself than neededThe right CRM software should help make sales processes run smoothly, quickly and systematically.


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