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Soffront Receives 2011 CRM Excellence Award

Soffront CRM Software and TMC–a multi-faceted media company–have announced Soffront’s integrated CRM system as the chosen candidate for the 2011 CRM Excellence award. Soffront’s integrated suite of CRM applications increases the visibility of information throughout an enterprise, and optimizes productivity with guaranteed results. By integrating the suite, multiple The award is hosted by the Customer Interaction Solutions magazine, which served for the prominent source of publication for CRM since 1982.

The CRM Excellence Award is distributed upon the concrete data that reflects the progressive improvements made, by the winning vendor, for a client’s enterprise. These awards also require that the winning recipient is able to expand its functions and services to cater to the entire needs of a company, while maintaining lifelong relationships with the customer. Manu Das, President of Soffront Software, claimed to be proud of receiving such an honorable award for another time.

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, stated: “The Twelfth Annual CRM Excellence Awards has recognized Soffront Software for being a true CRM partner to its customers and clients… Soffront Software has demonstrated to the editors of Customer Interaction Solutions that Soffront integrated CRM improved the processes of their clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information.”

Since these awards are solely given by hard facts and figures, Soffront CRM is a trusted provider for your Customer Relationship Management solution.

About Soffront
Soffront CRM is a privately-owned, leading provider in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that mainly accommodates solutions for small to mid sized enterprises. Soffront is a prestigious vendor name in the software industry for driving more sales to customers by reducing the time needed to function a CRM system. This approach allows the sales teams to focus more on improving their selling techniques. The companies that made the switch, to Soffront CRM, claim to exponentially save more earnings by avoiding the costs for additional modules with Soffront’s Integrated CRM. Implementation costs can significantly consume a budget, but Soffront reduces unnecessary expenditures with their drag and drop customization feature. They guarantee a higher return rate on investment, allocating more profit, savings, and overall a more enjoyable experience.

If you have used Soffront CRM before, write your own Soffront CRM review.

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