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Soffront's CRM Software Helps OGSYS' Business

Recently, Soffront Software Inc., a leading mid-market CRM software provider, announced that Oil & Gas Information Systems Inc. (OGSYS) started using Soffront’s CRM to help their business. OGSYS is an accounting, land, and production software provider for businesses in the oil and gas industry. OGSYS needed to improve their business processes and customer service, which is why they reached out to Soffront.

Before implementing Soffront’s CRM, OGSYS used many other systems to handle the different departments in their company, including sales, development, and support. Not having an integrated system made accessing information and collaboration confusing and difficult. The manager of operations at OGSYS, Barbara Schweitzer, said, “Because we had to go to several different systems to look for information, one group wasn’t aware of what the other group was doing.” This was affecting OGSYS’ internal business operations until its executives finally decided that change was necessary.

OGSYS sifted through many other CRM solutions from major companies until it finally decided on Soffront’s CRM. Its decision to use Soffront CRM was because it is easy to use and to implement. Now, all of OGSYS’ systems are integrated thanks to Soffront. Schweitzer said, “All employees can pull up an account and see the status of sales opportunities or a current customer’s trouble tickets. Soffront ensures we are up to speed on each customer’s needs and how to meet those needs in a timely manner.” Soffront helped OGSYS reach out to more customers and ultimately improve its customer service.

Since OGSYS implemented Soffront’s CRM, it has increased efficiency by 30 percent, companywide. “Our sales process is smoother due to Soffront’s quote generator. With Soffront’s automated defect tracking and ticket reports, we have improved customer service because customers see a quicker turn-around time on issue resolution,” said Schweitzer. “Additionally, our clients appreciate being notified automatically about ticket resolutions, available enhancements, and software updates.”

Overall, OGSYS is very satisfied with Soffront’s CRM application. OGSYS now has the professional services and support that it needed to improve its business processes. With Soffront’s software, OGSYS can better serve its customers and increase profits. The implementation of Soffront CRM was a great success overall and OGSYS is very pleased with its decision to choose Soffront.

[Photo courtesy of istockphoto.]