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Sysomos Audience Determines Your Worth as a Consumer

Ever feel like businesses treat you like you have a dollar sign on your forehead? Now they actually can. Sysomos Audience makes it possible for marketers to measure the dollar value of each person who visits a website.

Sysomos Audience is an analytics tool with a similar interface to Google Analytics that goes beyond Google’s capability of just measuring visitor traffic. Sysomos Audience is able to track visitors and determine where else a visitor has been on the Web including competitor sites, blogs and social media sites. After aggregating customer information, the business intelligence tool then estimates the ROI of each visitor and adds a dollar value based on the other sites the person has been to recently.

If a visitor goes to a competitor’s site and reads blog posts on topics on products similar to what your company has to offer, the visitor will be given a higher estimated “engagement value” than someone who came from a less relevant site. Visitors that fill out forms on your website or request more information will be given an even higher score. Once Sysomos has the engagement scores, it organizes visitors as leads like a CRM tool would. Sysomos gives users a snapshot of a customer’s estimated dollar value and information about sites they visited before.

Sysomos won’t reveal how they aggregate browsing history information, but they claim to not place cookies on people’s browsers. The company also says they only use anonymous data unless information is voluntarily filled out. The company could only divulge that they used contextual text analytics and data mining technology to retrieve customer data.

Audience is currently in private beta mode, but we anticipate a huge demand for the service once it is officially launched. Businesses will in theory be able to increase ROI and generate valuable customer leads with the help of Sysomos Audience. The Audience tool will help businesses make smarter and more strategic decisions to drive company success.

[Photo courtesy of nerdheist.]