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Tableau and Triad Technology Form Partnership

Recently, Tableau Software, a provider of business intelligence solutions, announced a partnership with Triad Technology Partners. The partnership will allow Tableau to provide its data analytics and business intelligence tools to government customers through Triad’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule.

Tim Hohman, CEO of Triad Technology Partners, described Tableau’s BI software as being the perfect replacement for traditional business intelligence tools. He said, “Tableau’s fast analytics and data visualization solutions are perfectly positioned to help the government customer deal with their data analysis needs. We are very pleased to be Tableau’s government partner.”

Tableau’s products provide users with browser-based analytics simple enough for the common user. Practically any data source can be connected to through this BI software in order to create and share interactive dashboards, reports and visualizations. Kelly Wright, Vice President of Sales for Tableau Software, commented on Tableau’s achievements in businesses across various industries, and their excitement of achieving similar success with government customers. She said, “Triad’s proven success in bringing innovative technologies to government agencies made them the ideal partner for Tableau’s vision.”

[Photo courtesy of vitalvoiceanddata.]