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Taking CRM for A Test Drive

Taking CRM for A Test Drive

Shopping for a new CRM system? It’s best to see any potential CRM software in action BEFORE you buy.

Here are a few CRM vendors that make their solutions easily available for a quick “test-drive”. Check out the following CRM systems:

Infusion CRM
Offers periodic live demos that show you – first hand – how to grow your business quickly and profitably with CRM.
Offers a free trial sign up . They promise a 2 minute setup which provides you with full access to the only CRM with built-in telephony automation.
Provides a variety of streaming clips, in which company experts will walk you through the sales force automation, marketing automation, customer service automation, and analytics applications.

Get a live demo of eSalesForce that’s personalized for your unique business needs.

Check out their free no obligation 30-day test drive, or simply watch the quick tour demo.

View a variety of role-based demos for sales, marketing, and support, as well as executives and administrators.

Sage Software
View a live demonstration of SalesLogix, brought to you over the Web.

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