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Top 10 iPhone Apps for SMBs Under $10

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) often cannot afford or simply do not need expensive software to keep their company afloat.  The mobile business market is becoming very important now- especially for SMBs because the mobile business applications are simple and inexpensive.  Perform basic business tasks with these top ten iPhone applications without spending a lot.

1. QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite ($9.99)

This award winning application is essential for any business because it allows users to create, edit and open Microsoft Office files (Doc, DocX, Xls, XlsX). Users can also access remote content and share files in addition to managing and transferring files over WiFi with their iPhone. The suite also includes many of QuickOffice’s solutions, including QuickOffice Connect, QuickWord and Quicksheet.

2. Dropbox (FREE)

Dropbox for iPhone is the best way to sync and share files across multiple phones or computers. Users create a Dropbox folder and fill it with documents, photos, videos, music files and more. The folder is automatically synced with the Dropbox folder on other computers and on your iPhone. This is the best way to share files and collaborate with others. It is also an easy and free way to consolidate all business documents so that you have access to all of your files at all times, whether you are on your iPhone or business laptop. QuickOffice Mobile Office Suite is integrated with Dropbox so it is easy to open and edit the files in your Dropbox folder.

3. Bento ($4.99)

Manage contacts, bills, projects and more with the productivity iPhone application, Bento. Bento makes it easy to get organized. It even comes with 25 pre-made templates to help users customize what they need to get organized. Bento even integrates with other iPhone apps so users can easy call a contact, view a website or send an email through Bento.

4. A Pocket Scanner ($0.99)

Scan documents, books and more with your iPhone’s camera onto the phone with A Pocket Scanner application. The scanned files are instantly transformed into black and white PDF files. Take documents on the go or quickly copy files so you have access to them at all times with your iPhone. A Pocket Scanner’s  document manager even allows you to copy, paste, cut, delete and rename the files.

5. Print n Share ($8.99)

With Print n Share for iPhone, users can view, store and print emails, documents, photos or any other files from their iPhone. Users can print directly to WiFi printers or other printers over 3G. Forget transferring files to other computers and print immediately from your iPhone when you need to.

6. Roambi (Basic: FREE; Pro: $99/year)

Stay on top of all business activity and progress with Roambi Visualizer for iPhone. Users can create their own mobile dashboards from reports and spreadsheets with this iPhone app. Also, access, store and manage all business documents on this application. With the Pro version, users can even create SAP Crystal Reports or use Microsoft Reporting Services.

7. GetPaid (Basic: FREE; Pro: $4.99)

Invoices and billing is easy with the GetPaid iPhone application. GetPaid logs work time, creates time sheets and instantly creates advanced invoices. It even has a built in calculator, the ability to transform invoices into PDF documents and it backs up all data. View graphs of your income and more on your iPhone.

8. WebEx Meeting Center (FREE)

Never miss a meeting again with the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. Schedule and attend meetings on your iPhone with this application. It is easy and free! The iPhone’s screen resolution provides high quality viewing.

9. Xpense Tracker ($4.99)

Do you travel for your company or frequently need to report business expenses to get reimbursed? Make expense tracking easy with the Xpense Tracker for iPhone. Record all expenses, whether they are flights, food or business supplies. Sort the expenses into categories and even upload receipts by using the iPhone’s camera to take pictures. Even separate expenses by client.

10. Recorder ($0.99)

Never forget important information discussed in a phone business meeting again with Recorder for iPhone. Record outgoing calls so you can always refer to them in the future. Users can pause the recordings, email them, WiFi sync recordings and playback recordings. Record calls for liability or record purposes.

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