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Top 8 Free iPad Apps For Every Successful Businessman

Top 8 Free iPad Apps For Every Successful Businessman

You will definitely find this article useful if you are a businessman or you plan to start a business, or you simply have an iPad or you are going to buy one.

Check out this selection of a few free iPad apps that every successful businessman should have to make his job easier and better organized while on the go. While all eight apps are free to download off the Apple app store, a few of them have more feature-rich paid versions, or have paid monthly subscription services, which are also pointed out here.

1. iBooks

ibooks-logoIf you are a real businessman, you probably stashed dozens of books on doing business and several issues of popular business magazines. IBooks app is the best resource to save your PDF-files on iPad, that allows you to store all your favorite books in your tablet and read them during meetings for example or whenever you want.

In addition, the new version of iBooks has a special platform to create its own interactive books, so if you’re mature enough to write your own business textbook, you can do it right now.

Price: Free of charge.

2. Wunderlist

wunderlist-logo2Even if you never forget anything, and all you employees know about it, you shouldn’t forget that a good planning is the first step to success.

To-do lists’ creation and usage allow you to navigate your own business space perfectly, especially if you are useWunderlist with its user-friendly interface. You can enter different categories of cases, assign deadlines, sync them with your calendar, add related materials and links, and more.

Price: Free of charge.

3. Adobe Ideas

adobeideas-logoAdobe Ideas is a graphical editor that allows you to draw quick sketches. Even if you are not a designer and do not know how to draw, sometimes you probably need to do a couple of drawings on paper: to draw a rough layout of banner ads for your site or sketch a plan of work on a new project on a linear scale. Adobe Ideas is good because it smooths your doodles out; so, no matter what you draw, it will look good anyway. Such a pattern can be sent to your designer, and he will treat you with more respect than he did it before.

Price: You can download it for free, or pay $9.99 to get some extra tools, such as paint bucket and layers flip or duplicate.

4. Dropbox

dropbox-logoThis is one of the most convenient services to store your documents. Reports, photos, videos, and everything that you need for your work can be stored here, and uploaded to your iPad when needed.

Like a real businessman, you will definitely appreciate the fact that the total number of Dropbox investments amounts to 257 million dollars. Moreover, this project has got 250 million at once when its developers refused to sell it to Steve Jobs, who wanted to buy all the rights to Dropbox.

Price: Free of charge.

5. Skype

skype-logoMost likely, there is no need to explain you what a good old Skype actually is. You can set conference calls up with your London investors, being on the Maldivian beach for example, or control your IT-department from the Middle East, or assign video interviews to your potential employees from Sydney.

It’s difficult for a businessman to imagine his life without Skype today. Plus, an active Skype usage proves the fact you know how to count money and save it on international calls.

Price: Free of charge.

6. Yammer

yammer-logoThis is the best solution for those people who like a social networks format, but still are afraid to lead a business conversation on the Internet. Yammer allows you to create your own closed social network, and invite all your employees there. You can also organize competitions for the best avatar and discuss plans for a Friday party on the occasion of tender winning.

Price: Free of charge.

7. TED

ted-logo2TED is a series of international conferences devoted to the ideas that are worth sharing with the world. Here you can meet nuclear scientists, futurists, comedians, designers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and many other interesting people.

In order to have a couple of fresh solutions in stock, and use them everywhere afterwords, it is strongly recommended to view at least one TED lecture a day. Soon you will see your knowledge expanded so much, that even the annual financial statements of your company will be perceived as one more opportunity to make the world a better place to live.

Price: Free of charge.

8. Jetbook

jetbook-logoIf your business is truly profitable and successful, it is time to think about buying a private business jet. JetBook application is the first and only one interactive iPad-directory of private planes, created by Russian developers by the way. With the help of user-friendlycomparison tools , HD-quality images and video clips, you’ll quickly pick up a plane which meets your expectations and financial capacity the best.

Price: Free of charge.

Certainly, there are much more than just 8 iPad applications which can be called a real must-have for every businessman. Each of you perfectly knows what he needs, otherwise, you would not be as confident and successful as you are today. Anyway, we hope these 8 free apps mentioned above will help you make your work much better.

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