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vCom Solutions Enhances Business Intelligence for Telecoms

Telecom Management as a Service (TMaaS) provider, vCom Solutions, has announced the release of the vManager 3.0. This latest version of the company’s powerful software is designed to provide state-of-the-art business intelligence to expense management for the mid-enterprise business.

The vManager 3.0 is designed to provide customers with a proactive approach to identifying and leveraging business intelligence. This latest release is part of vCom’s cloud-based solution and is positioned as providing the organization with complete visibility and control over their telecom environment.

Adam Shawley, vCom’s VP of Technology noted in a statement that the company has taken the concept of reporting and data mining to the next level with vManager 3.0. This latest solution enables customers to take advantage of actionable information from within their account, eliminating the need to search for the data.

vManager 3.0 will scan the telecom environment and select significant data identified as information that can be used for business intelligence on a specific account. This ‘newsfeed’ portal grabs that specific account information to provide the centralized visibility and control necessary for the optimized customer experience.

vCom has built a strong reputation in the business intelligence space by providing telecoms with key tools for telecom management. The company delivers solutions that manage all aspects of the relationship between the carrier and the customer with a wholesale model.

This model is built on a foundation that aggregates buying power, delivers high quality software tools, experienced support teams and streamlined processes. With such solutions in place, the telecom can rely on business intelligence to reduce costs and improve overall customer service.

In a competitive marketplace where customer churn is consistently a threat, the vCom solution delivers value.


[Photo courtesy of shoosmiths.]