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VMware and HP Unveil Integrated Product

Last week, VMware and HP unveiled integrated storage, desktop, and connectivity solutions. Their goal is to lower costs and make deployment faster and easier. HP provided cloud consulting solutions to enhance VMware technologies in addition to combining some of HP’s own software with VMware’s.

HP and VMware wanted to provide an affordable virtual storage area network (SAN), so they combined the VMware vSphere Essentials Plus with HP’s P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA). The integrated product offers storage, backup, recovery and shared storage capabilities. This feature of HP and VMware’s new product is ideal for small and medium businesses. They also made HP’s StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Cluster compatible with VMware’s vSphere. This high performing product can consolidate up to 600 percent more storage, has lower management costs, and decreases complexity. HP and VMware’s integrated product will allow customers to manage a single resource pool of capacity, instead of having “islands” of storage.

HP and VMware’s combined platform will also have a virtual desktop reference architecture. Deployment will be faster and businesses will have lower-risk and predictable results. The reference architecture allows up to 1,600 users to be on the network at one time at half the cost and while using 60 percent less space. The reference architecture will help businesses’ dramatically improve productivity.

He said, “Opus Interactive wanted to provide customers with a cost-efficient, highly available pay-as-you-grow server and storage model as part of its managed services offering. By offering our customers a virtualization solution of HP servers and storage with Vmware software, we have seen a 75 percent reduction in customer costs per server and higher availability without additional cost. The New storage virtualization solutions announced from HP and Vmware today will continue to allow us to deliver outcomes that matter to our clients.”

You can read more about VMware and Hp’s integrated product on their websites.

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