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What Call Center Metrics are Important?

What Call Center Metrics are Important?

The CRM Advisor
You ask the questions, and our resident CRM guru shares her wisdom.

This week’s question:
“We recently implemented a call center management system as part of our CRM strategy. What key metrics should we be measuring?”


A: For many businesses today, the call center is the “front line” to the customer. Therefore, you want to make sure your agents are performing at optimum levels and delivering the highest quality experience.

Some of the most commonly-used indicators for assessing the overall performance of call centers, as well as the individual representatives who work in them, include:

• Average time to answer
• Average call length/handle time
• Average hold times
• First call resolution (the % of calls resolved the first time a client calls)
• Average # of transfers

But, of course, nothing is a clearer indicator of service quality than opinions gathered directly from the customers themselves. Many CRM and call center management solutions offer powerful, fully-integrated surveying capabilities, so service levels can be more accurately assessed and analyzed.

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