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Will Oracle Become the Top Vendor in Cloud Computing?

Throughout the years, Oracle has managed to stay ahead of the pack by constantly transforming its business through various company acquisitions. As a result of this strategy, Oracle has managed to become one of the top ERP vendors.

During Oracle’s growth in ERP software, they have spent billions of dollars improving their Oracle ERP software offerings. Purchases such as Sun and BEA have provided middleware, security and server solutions that have allowed Oracle to remain as one of the top ERP vendors.

However, all of these complimentary purchases used to boost Oracle’s ERP software are also at the heart of cloud computing. This is because all of the middleware, server and security solutions are critical for the processing elements of data centers for cloud-based computing.

That’s why it’s no surprise that CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, has been ranting on and on about Oracle being the future of cloud-based software. Oracle has all of the pieces set in motion to expand beyond just being a top ERP vendor, and they look poised to become the leaders in cloud-based computing.

Oracle’s introduction of Exalogic, which is a machine that is made to create an unrivaled cloud platform, shows their dedication in leveraging cloud-based technologies. With the highly integrated cloud-based environment, maintenance costs will remain relatively low, and with their aggressive sales and marketing teams Oracle is set to expand beyond ERP software, and is sure to become a cloud computing giant.

[Photo courtesy of edx.]