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Zoho Apps Going Google

More of Zoho is brought to Google. In addition to Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, Zoho Invoice and Zoho Creator Helpdesk have been added to the Google Apps Marketplace. These Zoho products, now integrated with Google, take advantage of Google Apps user information. Zoho plans to integrate further business productivity applications with Google due to high user demand.

Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing software that can be used for invoice management, tracking expenses, receiving payments, and monitoring general business health. Google account contacts can be added directly to Invoice. It can also receive Gmail contacts and notifications related to invoicing activity. The program is free for up to five free invoices per month, while paid plans begin at $8 per month.

Zoho Creator Helpdesk is help desk software that organizes and tracks customer requests. It allows customers to submit questions or comments through a web portal, email, or mobile phone. Application users can fully customize their helpdesk webpage. Creator Helpdesk is free for two technicians, and paid plans start at $15 per month.

The Zoho product line has a few hundred business signups a week through the Google Apps Marketplace and has a total of 3 million users worldwide.

[Photo courtesy of coolheadtech.]