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Zoho Updates Search within its Productivity Suite

Zoho, a web-based productivity software vendor, has added search features to their platform. Zoho is adding “actionable” search features that allow users to do keyword searches across an organization, and across multiple applications like email, documents, forums, and contacts.

Zoho’s new unified search tools act like a search engine for the productivity software. Zoho users will be able to access data from multiple applications including Zoho Mail, Docs, Writer, Sheet, Notebook, Discussions, and Accounts. Zoho’s search results are grouped by filters that give users the ability to view results from each category or application. Within the Zoho productivity software suite, users can reply to emails, edit documents, comment on forums, or update contract information.

Zoho added the search features to their productivity software to give users context behind each search. Users that search for a keyword will have access to all information about the keyword like the sent date, sender information, folder location and so on and so forth. Zoho productivity software will also be able to identify if a sender is on your buddy list as well as information about a sender.

Zoho unified search tools also gives users the ability to interact, share and edit content within the search portal. If a search result is in an email, users can reply without even opening the email app. The Zoho productivity software updates are designed to further optimize productivity by facilitating processes.

Zoho also plans to add a universal search box to its productivity suite that will be integrated with the Zoho apps. The universal search box will help increase the interoperability of Zoho’s productivity software. Zoho’s productivity suite is a cloud-based software solution which along with the enhanced features should make for an attractive option for enterprises.

Zoho’s productivity suite now reaches over 2 million users, while the new updates should only serve to enhance their popularity. The company has already caught the attention of its competition and formed strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Zoho launched an application on the Google App Marketplace and integrated Facebook Connect. Zoho also launched an integrated platform with Google Docs; launched Zoho Discussions and rolled out Zoho Recruit.

[Photo courtesy of mindtouch.]