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PhaseWare Tracker Review

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PhaseWare’s Tracker Application Suite is based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET Framework. These technologies allow PhaseWare to deliver its solution in a licensed software or Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Customer Focus

PhaseWare Tracker is focused on working with small and mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

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Dexter + Chaney, PropertyInfo Corp, American Messaging, Friedrich Software Resources

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About PhaseWare Tracker

PhaseWare TrackerThe PhaseWare Tracker product suite creates a fluid customer support experience with streamlined workflows, automated task processing, incident and performance management tools, and a supporting knowledge base application that enables timely, effective agent troubleshooting as well as customer self-service.

For the customer support agent, PhaseWare Tracker will improve their productivity and performance by providing a single interface for managing customer information, prioritizing cases, documenting case histories, researching solutions, managing tasks and alerts, escalating cases, and monitoring performance.

For the customer, the streamlined customer service environment enabled by Tracker will create a more consistent and effective customer service experience; resulting in increased customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Overall, your organization will benefit from agent performance and productivity improvements; transparency in reporting on performance metrics and customer trends; as well as greater accountability in each step of the customer support process.

About PhaseWare
Founded in 2005, PhaseWare is a leading provider of customer service and support software applications. Optimized to deliver a robust and financially viable solution for customer-focused businesses, the PhaseWare Tracker product suite enables our clients to better manage their business processes, reduce operational expenses, and significantly increase the effectiveness and quality of their customer service.

Software entrepreneurs Randall Nelson and Hoyt Mann founded PhaseWare to address the needs of the historically underserved needs of SMBs. PhaseWare Tracker was built on highly scalable, industry-standard technology, open architecture, built-in APIs for integration with existing systems, and flexible delivery models (hosted or on-site).

The PhaseWare Tracker product suite includes PhaseWare Tracker, Tracker OnDemand, Tracker Mobile, PhaseWare Event Engine, PhaseWare Self-Service Center, and Tracker Screen Designer. With these applications, PhaseWare Tracker supports the following solutions:

• Customer service and support
• Complaint management
• Help desk support
• Issue tracking
• Knowledge management
• Customer self-service
• Live Chat

PhaseWare offers powerful, intuitive, and affordable customer service and support software that creates real competitive advantage for SMBs in streamlining their efforts to serve, support, retain, and maximize the value of every customer. Together, our complementary applications power total customer service across all phases and channels of interaction.

PhaseWare Tracker Key Features

  • PhaseWare Self-Service Center: Secure web portal enables customers to submit incident tickets, check status, search the knowledgebase, retrieve documents and downloads, and participate in community forums
  • PhaseWareEvent Engine: Automated escalation management, business rules engine, and reporting
  • Tracker Mail Checker: Integrated mail including Outlook plug-in, convert e-mail into incidents, convert known or unknown e-mail addresses into incidents, match-up replies, and loop detection
  • Tracker Screen Designer: Easy user-customizable screens, reports, and notifications requiring no additional programming
  • Flexible service delivery: Hosted or on-premise options with quick, painless implementation times and mobile access offer a best-fit solution for your needs.
  • Incident management: Enable agents to quickly, effectively work through customer support cases by providing complete customer and case history, note-taking and documentation tools, task management, and a searchable knowledgebase within a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Workflow management: Establish set workflows according to your own internal processes to ensure a consistent customer experience, while providing a repeatable framework that drives agent productivity.
  • Task processing: Capture, classify, and assign support tickets to the right department to streamline ticket management and ensure timely resolution.
  • Performance management: Gain access to real-time performance metrics and overall customer support trends with a customizable reporting dashboard; also monitor and share individual agent performance to recognize success and drive further improvement.
  • Knowledge management: Provide a centralized, searchable content repository to properly share customer support information across your organization, accelerate resolution times, and improve agent productivity.
  • Smart search: Natural-language search provides a ranked list of potential solutions from a variety of sources—FAQs, articles, stored responses, and previous cases.
  • Content collaboration: Create specific user roles with content authoring and editing access for customer support agents, managers, trainers, executives, or any other people responsible for creating, updating, or maintaining knowledge articles.
  • Complete customer view: Robust customer or case histories, including past activity by product, customer, classification, or other key data points better prepare agents to serve individual customer needs; and provide greater context for search and troubleshooting.
  • Flexible reporting: Aggregated customer and ticket data provides a foundation to analyze and identify potential product or service improvements; while monitoring individual ticket and/or agent activity; use built-in report templates or build custom reports.
  • Multichannel support: Create support tickets and distribute cases to the appropriate agent or support department, quickly and easily, through your customers’ preferred support channel—voice, e-mail, chat, and self-service.
  • Billing support packages: Centralized billing information, access and availability provides fast, dynamic, ccess to billing information; differentiate service offerings, gain service efficiencies through billing accuracy tracking, and analyze service profitability, billing accuracy.
  • Service Level Agreement management

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