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Indition OrderDesk

Inditon OrderDesk is an intuitive customer management software solution that allows call center agents to quickly place and manage orders, manage customer accounts, and offers apps so users can monitor agents, manage call queues, respond to escalations and set up new users from mobile devices. The platform allows users to create escalation hierarchies through assignment rule configuration, as well as logs all interactions for tracking purposes.

XB Software XB Chat

XB Chat is an easy-to-use WebRTC solution based on the OpenTok platform developed by Tokbox. It allows users to hold video and audio calls and to create text chats, works on desktop systems of all functionality, and operates flawlessly in Chrome, Mozilla and Safari.


Samespace is a call center and sales software solution that provides users with an interaction platform to make, manage and monitor conversations over voice and chat. The platform is a simple and scalable communication platform for customer-facing teams like sales, support and contact centers, and enables companies to seamlessly engage with customers using voice or chat, monitor conversations as they happen and manage teams at scale.

Mitel MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect is cloud phone and unified communications software equipped with functionalities designed to support collaboration between in-house teams and employees, create enhanced customer experiences, and improve business intelligence. The platform is equipped with enterprise-level security measures and redundancy at network, infrastructure and application layers, and is designed to integrate with CRM and BPM tools such as Salesforce, ACT!, and Microsoft Dynamics.

DialogTech Voice Management Platform

The DialogTech Voice Management Platform is call center and sales software that captures and delivers data and insights geared towards increasing quality phone leads. The platform measures how the user’s marketing campaigns and website content contribute to calls and customers, and is built to capture attribution data for every call so that users can optimize media spend and website experiences.

Aurus RichCall

RichCall is call center software that enables users to accept phone calls form their website and turn those calls into collaborative sessions. The platform provides support staff with co-browsing, file sharing and smartphone video functionalities in order to enable support staff to help customers faster and to enable sales representatives to sell more efficiently.

Boomtown Relay

Relay is an intelligent platform for technology support and customer service that enables users to deliver simple, predictive, and personal experiences at scale. The platform is powered by the Relay Technology Index, a comprehensive global index of business technology currently available that combines a universal technology dictionary with curated knowledge and insights from millions of support interactions.

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MaestroQA is customer service quality assurance software that helps teams identify issues, coach agents, and measure impact. The platform enables users to focus on important metrics such as CSAT and resolution time, is designed to integrate with the user’s existing software solutions such as email support, live chat, and phones calls, and supports multiple third-party systems such as Zendesk, Salesforce and Salesforce Desk, Intercom, Kustomer, and Freshdesk.