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Dialoga Hydra

Hydra is virtual call center software that allows users to distribute calls to call center agents through distinct intelligent routing strategies, regardless of whether agents are working from the office, from home or on the road, and regardless of what device agents are using including PC, tablet or mobile phone. The platform enables users to manage, monitor and control agents without requiring a physical infrastructure, IP terminals, or SIP trunks, audit calls and agents in real-time, and measures and reports on KPIs on metrics such as queue size and wait time.

RingCentral Office

RingCentral Office is a cloud phone system that strives to be easily integratable and manageable. The application goal is to be less effort for customers to contact users and increase brand recognition with a variety of phone number options. The application is a cloud phone solution offering phone system administration, call management and multiple business features.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution

We uncover the top six reasons why you need a cloud-based contact center software solution to ensure high-quality service for your virtual call center.


CloudCall is a virtual call center software solution that works inside CRM platforms to place outgoing calls and field incoming ones. Each time an incoming call arrives, the program notifies the user and pulls up the appropriate CRM record.

– Synety CloudCall Click

Synety CloudCall Click is a virtual call center software solution that allows users to place phone calls from third party CRM and email applications. The program can integrate with both SaaS and on-premise platforms and places calls whenever users click on button. As users talk with customers, the system automatically logs all calls and can play back recordings as needed.

Twilio Client

Twilio Client is a virtual call center software solution that can turn any web browser and app into a phone. Users can directly embed the program into apps and webpages and allow both internal and external people to place calls by pushing a button.

Twilio Programmable SMS

Twilio Programmable SMS is a virtual call center software solution that allows mobile apps to send out text messages to users and customers. The program features a powerful API that can integrate cleanly with online services.


Talkroute is a virtual phone system that works with any existing phones and service providers. Small businesses owners can now run their business from anywhere and maintain communication with their clients from any device.

NewVoiceMedia for Service Teams

NewVoiceMedia for Service Teams is a call center software solution that provides great customer service and lowers customer churn rates. As customers call in to present their service cases, the program prioritizes the queue based on the value of the customer.

– Genesys Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center

Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center is a virtual call center software solution that uses interaction intelligence to elevate the customer experience. The program works across multiple communication channels and guides service reps through all customer interactions.