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Domo Business Intelligence Review

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Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence solution that delivers all the information you need in a single dashboard view. Domo is designed to provide direct access to your business data via any device without having to depend upon IT to generate information and reports for you.

Customer Focus

Domo serves organization of all sizes across every industry, including travel and entertainment, financial services, retail, manufacturing, professional services and high technology.

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Bohme, Brooks Brothers, H&R Block

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About Domo Business Intelligence

Domo Business IntelligenceDomo is a cloud-based executive management platform that is redefining the business intelligence (BI) market and transforming the way business is managed. Domo gives users direct, real-time access to all the business information they care about, all in one place. Domo solves universal pain points felt by CEOs, other managers and IT professionals for whom traditional BI reporting is often too cumbersome, too complex and too slow.

About Domo
The company was started by Josh James, co-founder and longtime CEO of web analytics powerhouse, Omniture. With $63 million in funding, Domo is backed by an all-star list of angels and investors including Benchmark, IVP, Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway and David Lee of SV Angel, Hummer Winblad, plus the who’s who of SaaS and Internet technology.

Domo’s founding team consists of some of the most sought after talent in the industry with experience that includes Amazon, AmericanExpress,, eBay, Endeca, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn,, Omniture, and SAP.

Domo Business Intelligence Key Features

  • Definitive CXO dashboard
  • Real-time data on a single dashboard
  • Accessible from any device
  • Connect to all sources of financial data
  • See information in a single dashboard
  • Let decision makers view real-time data
  • Reduce ad hoc report requests
  • Deliver real, self-service BI
  • Avoid expensive data warehousing projects
  • Eliminate hours of ad hoc reporting
  • Spend more time doing what you do best
  • See all your online and offline marketing data in real-time
  • Get a single view of all your key metrics
  • Adapt with greater efficiency
  • Track your successes to revenue
  • See all your critical data
  • Quickly identify opportunities and risks
  • Get updates in real-time
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • People metrics
  • Pipeline metrics
  • Performances metrics
  • Single dashboard

Product Videos

White Papers from Domo

The BI(G) Disappointment: Troubling Gaps Between Business Intelligence Expectations and Realities
White Paper provided by Domo
Domo surveyed 1,064 individuals in business leadership roles in a wide variety of departments, across a large number of industries. Domo wanted to know how the average business professional feels about the information they have—or do not have—and how they are interacting with that data. The company’s internal study examined the role of business information from a number of important perspectives, including the real-time nature of data, the devices used to access the data, and how information is being consumed within the organization.
The 7 Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design
White Paper provided by Domo
In the new world of business intelligence (BI), the front end of an executive management platform, or dashboard, is one of several critical elements needed to maximize the value of your data and traditional BI investments. Dashboards have the ability to leverage and transform your business intelligence into the real-time at-a-glance insights you need to enhance decision-making, reduce costs, increase productivity, respond faster to market conditions, simplify process management, optimize business operations and outpace the competition. Unfortunately, too many dashboard projects fail to meet their potential as a result of organizations committing 7 common mistakes outlined in this article.
Conquering Retail's 6 Biggest Cross-Channel Challenges
White Paper provided by Domo
In this paper we’ll explore how point solution pollution impacts the top six operational challenges faced by cross-channel retailers, as identified by retailers themselves in Retail Systems Research’s (RSR) new benchmark report, The Multi-Channel Retailer’s Reality in a Post-Amazon World. We’ll also illustrate how Domo’s cloud-based business intelligence platform helps overcome these challenges by enabling retailers to see all their disparate data sources in one place, in real time, on any device.

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