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5 Business iPhone Apps That Will Increase Productivity

The iPhone’s numerous applications and games can be distracting. Often, business users are tempted to stray from their work to go on their iPhones. How about using the iPhone applications to boost productivity instead? Here are five helpful applications that are sure to increase productivity in the workplace.

1. Taska ($4.99)

Taska helps you do just what its name advertises- tasks! This intuitive iPhone application lets users create custom or smart to do lists so you can easily organize the tasks you have to do. Taska uses GPS to automatically map tasks. The app will alert you when you are near the store that you have to go to. It will give directions if you choose to get your “to do” done.

Users can even assign due dates to tasks. There are repeat options if you have something you have to do every week. Check off items that you did, sort items into categories and back up tasks by syncing to your Mac computer. This little application is sure to help you get all of your chores and assignments done in a timely manner! Never forget anything again with Taska for iPhone.

2. Documents to Go Premium ($14.99)

Edit, create and view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with this iPhone application. Now you will never have an excuse to not complete a paper or assignment again when you have Documents to Go! This iPhone app has most of the features of Microsoft Office, including auto bullets, word count, find & replace, undo/redo and hyperlink support. All files can be easily synced to a desktop computer.

3. Project Planner ($2.99)

This planning iPhone application will help you keep track of different projects and tasks. View all tasks with Project Planner’s interactive interface as a list or a chart. Edit, create, export, import or update tasks at any time. You can even sort the tasks into categories. This will help you budget your time and get everything done on time. It can also help you delegate assignments or projects.

4. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (FREE)

Attend meetings at any time with your iPhone. Online meetings are free to attend with Cisco’s WebEx center. Chat privately with one person or talk to everyone at once. Even schedule, start and cancel meetings. This is helpful if you are on the go and need to talk with your employees or colleagues. Do two things at once with this handy iPhone application and never worry about missing an important meeting again.

5. ShoutOUT (FREE)

ShoutOUT is a speech-to-text messaging iPhone application, but it was specifically designed for business users. If you do not have time to type out a message, say it into the ShoutOUT application and it will instantly write down your message. Send SMS messages from your iPhone to business colleagues so you can increase collaboration and stay on top of your work. Even update social network sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to stay connected to peers. ShoutOUT is easy to use and navigate. It has very advanced voice recognition technology so you do not have to worry about it messing up your messages.

[Photo courtesy of appconsultants.]