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Addressing the Cloud Computing Skeptics

In the early stages of cloud computing, some seemed skeptical of its ability to persist in the technology world. Now, with the emergence of more cloud computing solutions from a variety of technology vendors, it is evident that cloud computing is here to stay. Major companies like and Vmware have made millions of dollars from their cloud computing technology and other companies are trying to pick up on the trend and follow in their footsteps. Cloud computing is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon.

There have been many cloud computing skeptics over the past few months in response to the increased attention to this new technology. Some think that cloud computing is not deserving of this attention because it is merely a fad that will not last because the idea is not new. Infoworld’s Matt Prigge recently wrote an article, “Confessions of a Cloud Skeptic”, in which he disclosed his dislike for cloud computing. Prigge said, “It didn’t take me long to figure out that at a very basic level, cloud infrastructure isn’t new at all. It’s the marketing and spin that’s new.” He is not alone in the skepticism about cloud computing, but are these claims worth paying attention to? Probably not.

There is more than just marketing in this influx of cloud computing solutions. People are not fussing over it for nothing. The fact that this idea has been around for a while is irrelevant- why should we discount something if it has been mentioned before? Today, cloud computing is being revamped into something that really does represent the future of technology.

For cloud computing to really secure its position in the future, there does need to be some change. Companies need to start preparing and revamping to be able to handle cloud computing integration. The Internet Technology ecosystem needs to adapt to its advanced technologies, but this is very likely and possible. The idea of virtualization is really taking off and it is only a matter of time until more companies decide to adopt it.

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