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Android 3.0 a.k.a. Gingerbread Details Leaked!

Details leaked about the upcoming Android 3.0, nicknamed the ‘Gingerbread’, which could be released as early as mid-October of this year. Google is designing the phone, which will have a 1GHz processor.

There will be many new features of the Android 3.0, including a completely new user interface. It will have animated transitions between mobile applications and screens. The Android 3.0 will support displays with 1280 x 760 resolution, which will drastically increase the HD quality of the display. Google just hired the webOS Palm interface designer, so perhaps he will help design the interface of the Android 3.0.

The new Android will only function with specific hardware. Handsets must have a 16 GHz processor, at least 512 MB of RAM, and at least a 3.5 inch display. Many hardware makers are already making Android tablet prototypes that fit the criteria above, in anticipation of the release of the Android 3.0.

This information has not been confirmed by Google, but supposedly a developer of the Android 3.0 revealed some details about the product so it is a reliable rumor. The Android 3.0 is sure to give the iPhone some major competition with it’s advanced and innovative features. The Gingerbread, or Android 3.0, is intended to represent the high-end smartphones whereas lower end devices will stick with its brother the Android 2.2/2.1. We’ll just have to wait until the Gingerbread is out of the oven to see what it truly has to offer!

[Photo courtesy of androidcommunity.]