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Android Apps Will Reach 100,000 Mark by End of July

A few weeks ago, Andrew Rubin, the founder of Android, announced that there were over 65,000 applications available to download for Android. Now, calculations predict that the number will be over 100,000 by the end of July, 2010.

AndroLib, an Android oriented website that gathers statistics frequently, reported that according to their calculations the number of paid and free Android applications will increase drastically over the next couple of weeks. 14,000 Android applications have been submitted every month. As of this week, there are about 92,000 Android apps. Accordingly, AndroLib presumes that the number of Android Apps will easily pass the 100,000 mark.

AndroLib’s Statistic Chart for Android Apps

This influx of Android applications shows how successful the Android market is. The fact that it has been receiving this much attention from developers is a good sign for them.

Android software has also received a lot of attention because of Google’s latest do-it-yourself app creation software. This free software has been in development stages for about one year. The goal of the software is to help anyone, ranging from sixth graders to undergraduate students who are not computer science majors, create applications. The Android market is so open, unlike Apple’s iPhone app market, which is why Google was able to create this software in the first place.

The software is user-friendly. Non-programmers can easily create mobile apps for Android devices. This will dramatically increase the Android app market and it will presumably attract a lot of attention to Android devices. Students who have created Android apps themselves are more likely to purchase more Android devices, as opposed to Apple ones.

It will be interesting to see the new kinds of Android apps that individuals are making. You can download the App Inventor software on Google’s website.

[Photo courtesy of macsessed.]