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Must-Have Android Business Apps

Android has over 92,000 apps on the market right now (with 100,000 expected by the end of this month), but how do you know which ones to choose? There are so many different types of apps, ranging from news to shopping to game applications. Many business professionals use Android mobile devices and need apps to make their lives a little bit easier in the business world. Here are some must-have Android apps for business users.

Google Voice (FREE, request-only)

Google Voice for Android is currently in beta testing phase and is an invite-only app, but the word about this new mobile app has rapidly spread as more and more individuals are requesting it. Google Voice has many innovative features. When users set up their Google Voice account, they can call anyone from any computer around the world (local calls are free and international calls have a fee). Users can even send SMS messages using Google Voice.

The most exciting part of this Android app is that it transcribes received messages. When someone calls your Google Voice number, the service will type out what they said and send it to your account and Android device in email form. Of course, the service is not perfect and there can be mistakes- but users can still listen to the audio recording anyway. All voice and SMS messages are then forwarded to the user’s Android device.

This app is great for business users for a number of reasons. First, it takes the time out of calling your voicemail number and listening to messages. Users can just read them in a few seconds. Second, it saves all recorded messages to your computer account, which can be useful for business recording purposes if users need to look up an old voicemail for informational or liability reasons. Lastly, for business users who travel frequently, having a Google Voice account will allow you to make free calls to friends, family, or coworkers when you are away. Request this mobile app on Google Voice’s website.

Bump (FREE)

The Bump application for Android is the ultimate modern networking tool. With the Bump application, a user can literally bump or tap their phone against another Android Bump or iPhone Bump user’s phone. The users can request what information they want to exchange. Users can swap contact information, pictures, or even mobile applications.

This app is great for business users because it is a fast and easy way to get someone’s information. It uploads all of the user’s information, including phone number, complete name, email address, and even Instant Messaging screen name. Users can create new business contacts instantly. Also, business users can collaborate with their colleagues by sharing information or pictures from their Android with this app. Bump takes the hassle out of swapping information.

Documents To Go 2.0 (FREE)

Users can easily view Microsoft Word or Excel files on their Android device with the Documents To Go 2.0 Android app. The app will open .doc, .docx, .xls, and .xlsx files. If you upgrade the the full version of Documents to Go, users can open PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, Charts, and have zooming and password capabilities.

This app is great for business users because they can open work documents on their Android device. This allows for users to be on-the-go, but still have access to the files from their business computers.

Locale ($10.99)

Have you ever had your phone ring during a business meeting? Not anymore with the Locale App for Android! This application allows users to specify the conditions of when to turn your phone on or off silent. Users type in the location of their office, courtroom, classroom, or anywhere that they do not want their phone to unexpectedly ring. After users set their conditions, Locale does the rest of the work for you. Using GPS location technology, Locale identifies where you are. If you are at the office, it will automatically turn your phone on silent. Users never have to worry about unexpected calls or turning their phone off.

Locale is ideal for business users because this application will never let a business meeting or important presentation get ruined by a call. Locale has many other intuitive features. If your battery is low, Locale will automatically turn off power-hungry features to save battery life. Also, Locale allows users to even change their ringtone or phone wall paper depending on where they are.

AK Notepad (FREE)

This notepad for Android has an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to take notes, send notes via email or SMS, and even set reminders for notes. Notes can be organized into categories, such as work, school, or personal. They can be easily sorted and users can even search for notes. Users can pin notes to their home screen so it is a constant reminder.

This notepad app may seem stupidly simple, but it can come in handy- especially for business users. If a creative idea pops into your head, you can write it down and store it in the work category for later. Never forget anything again with this app. Set reminders to call a client or submit a paper with this Android app. AK Notepad is secure as there are password features. The best part is- it’s free!

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