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Apple's iOS 4.2 and iPod Touch Are Ready for Business Environments

During the Apple Event on September 1, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs showed off the latest iPod Touch and updated iPad operating system. During the introduction of Apple’s latest products, Jobs unveiled the revamped features which are even more compatible for business integration. Even the iPod Touch, which normally would not be considered as a tool for the business environment, has appropriate uses.

The iPod Touch, which has been traditionally known as a product solely for consumers, now has a role for the enterprise. The iPod Touch is essentially the iPhone 4 “without a phone”, according to Jobs. The new iPod will have FaceTime videoconferencing, which is handy for business users who need to collaborate with colleagues or join business meetings while on the go. It will also have a high-definition Retina Display, so the quality of the video conferencing is not compromised. The iPod also has HD video recording capabilities.

If businesses accept the iPod Touch, it could be great news for Apple. Jobs said that the iPod can be used as an “in the field” device for business users. The retina display will increase the clarity of work-related applications.

There are some potential drawbacks, such as the fact that the iPod will only be able to use Facetime over a Wi-fi network, which could be seen as inconvenient. Also, its price could drive away customers. The 8 GB version will cost $229, the 32 GB $299 and the 64 GB $399. Especially now that the iPhone 4 retails for less, with a two year contract, the price may seem less appealing.

The iPad also increased its validity as an enterprise key item. The upcoming iOS 4.2 enables wireless printing, multitasking, app folders, stronger security, a unified e-mail inbox and device-management capabilities. These are all useful for business users. The iPad does have some major competitors, which is likely why Apple felt compelled to release an updated operating system so soon.

Either way, both of the updated products are sure to draw a large number of new customers. The iPod Touch and iOS 4.2 are both compatible and useful in business environments, and it is only a matter of time before more companies catch on.

[Photo courtesy of swc.]