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Automating The HR Processes In Your Business

Automating The HR Processes In Your Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a small sized team or a corporate representative with thousands of employees, HR processes are an inevitable component of any business. Present day HR software tools help you with keeping employee details up-to-date key access and license employee details, salary and emoluments related information and handling all other compliance and administration related matters.

The majority of businesses continue to handle important employee data management operations over spreadsheet software tools like MS Excel. This holds true at least in the small business sector. While this may work for smaller sized companies, the need for a dedicated HR manager who will input data and handle all the necessary operations is highly needed. For companies looking to avoid hiring an HR manager and rather automate and streamline their process, having a solid HR software is the best option. Here’s what your company should look for in an automated HR software.


Utilize Onboarding Workflow

1472691503_vector_65_16New employee onboarding typically involves a lot of paperwork and forms that can be digitized. An automated onboarding system should include an autoresponder system that sends out an email on the date of joining. This email may contain links to the relevant forms to be submitted over the HR software. Most HR automation tools provide periodic reminders and customized workflows that prevent employees from gaining access to critical documents unless they completed the onboarding formalities.


Integrated Accounting System

1472692195_vector_65_08Employee salaries are typically calculated based on a number of factors including the number of working days, unpaid leaves, performance bonuses, business expenses and tax deductions. Typically, the HR team sources these inputs from multiple sources like the team manager, external tax consultants, expense register and so on. But to build an automated system, all this aggregation needs to happen on-the-fly through an integrated system.

This is possible through the use of web-hooks and APIs that automatically consolidate information from a number of software applications for billing expenses, monitoring leave and accounting software which may then be used to calculate the salary to be paid. This information is transmitted to the payroll software at the end of each month who may then vet the details and approve the salary payment.


Customization & Adapability

1472692583_vector_65_15A company with a workforce distributed across the globe may need to keep a log of employee availability hours, connect with a Unified Communication system to know the best communication channel at different points of the day, etc. A dynamic HR automation tool can interact with the project management capabilities to enable easy communication and collaboration among team members.


Training & Knowledge Management

1472692258_vector_65_01Training a new employee for their job is a necessary first step in any onboarding process. Your company can save a lot of time and money with an automated, well-designed management system because it’ll not only speed up the process but will dismiss some of the backend work that needs to get done.

A number of HR management apps today come with automated training systems that identify the department and job profile of a new joinee and subscribe them to training packages that apply to them. This way, it is possible for your Human Resources team to impart onboarding training programs without having to dedicate the time and resources of other employees.


Candidate Screening

1472692304_vector_65_02Screening the applicants for a job opening is a vital role of an HR manager. While candidates still need to undergo a face-to-face interview with the HR manager to negotiate pay and discuss the roles and responsibilities. However, taking the immense amount of time to screen candidates can be streamlined with an automated system.

HR software tools streamline the process by conducting screening formalities with an integrated psychometric analysis and Myers’ Briggs type indication analysis so that all these results are readily available when it comes time for the HR manager to begin the interview process.


Handle with Care

No matter how much of the HR system is automated, businesses still need human intervention with respect to setting up new employee accounts, handle termination and other processes that need human approval. But ironically enough, with HR automation, it is possible to save on expenses made in a cost-center division like Human Resources which can add up significantly over time.


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