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ASi Announces Business Intelligence Design Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Advanced Systems Integration, Inc. (ASi), a Microsoft affiliate, announced its new Business Intelligence software, AX SMART BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The BI solution, powered by timeXtender, QuickCubes, and TARGIT, makes the BI design process simpler by automatically generating underlying project code, removing the need to understand hand-coding designs.

“As a result, a BI project is ready to go live faster, requires less external support, and less implementation time,” says David Payne, CEO of ASi. “Companies can consolidate data from multiple companies in one data warehouse, obtaining a complete picture of their business – all without being an expert in the underlying Microsoft Dynamics AX database.”

The new business suite allows users to choose from different templates and adapters designed to auto-generate data warehouses and cubes for Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is entirely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and can assimilate information from Dynamics AX as well as other sources. The BI solution synchronizes with Microsoft Dynamics AX and makes automatic updates with any changes in information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Its variety of business tools covers company needs such as business intelligence and reporting, collaboration, financial management and compliance, human resource management, production, accounting, sales and marketing, and customer service management.

[Photo courtesy of microsoft.]