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Big Business Compatibility the iPad Lacks

The iPad is a revolutionary device that has changed the way people see mobile computing, but this device may not be beneficial for bigger businesses.

The iPad is great for personal and business users since it gives you some of the features of a laptop without the bulk.  Business professionals, students, teachers, and homemakers have been raving about the iPad and everything that it can do.  It seems that the iPad is great for business, but what size business?  Bigger corporations, that buy devices in bulk for their employees, may find that the iPad will not be a suitable replacement for laptops.

Typically corporations make bulk orders for hardware devices, give them to IT professionals to configure, and then distribute the hardware accordingly.  The iPad, with all its glory, is not efficient for this process.  Corporations can buy the iPads and distribute them, but what about mass configurations?  iPad, and all mobile Apple devices, are connected through iTunes.  Unfortunately iTunes does not support purchases of bulk applications for corporations.  Setting up iWork on 150 iPads would mean that an IT tech would have to sit in front of all the devices and purchase the applications individually for $9.99.  Furthermore, complications arise when the end user wants to make modifications since the device would not have been set up with their iTunes account.

iTunes lacks the ability to have corporate account purchase multiple licenses for applications.  iPads cannot be purchased ready to go with business applications pre-loaded, which may be a turn off for bigger corporations.  The iPad seems to be a great fit for small business and home use, but is not all there for bigger businesses just yet.  Apple, overall, is a business that concentrates on consumer electronics, but hopefully adaptations to their products will be made for bigger corporations in the future.

[Photo courtesy of hothardware.]