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bluQube's New Cloud Accounting Software Offers Rich Functionality

Financial management software vendor, bluQube, has announced the launch of the inQube cloud accounting software solution. This new solution is built on established technology and is designed to solve interoperability concerns normally associated with cloud technology.

inQube also offers rich functionality that includes full compatibility with mobile devices from a full range of manufacturers, running a variety of operating systems.

According to bluQube CEO, Simon Kearsley, the rapid adoption of cloud computing and cloud solutions has brought with it – quite expectedly – a full range of interoperability issues. Unless the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum can establish a recognized and common framework for exchanging information between cloud applications, a focus on workarounds for vendors is growing.

Kearsley believes that the inQube solution will essentially set the benchmark for vendors who are seeking to make their mark on the sector by providing much needed and demanded flexibility when it comes to integrating with accounting software and other business applications.

While it may be easy to assume that the inQube is a re-development of an existing product, this accounting software solution comes with richer functionality than most offerings in the market. At the same time, inQube touts a user-friendly interface.

The goal in this launch of the inQube solution is to meet the needs of the most discerning of finance professionals. With its Oracle foundations, the software easily talks to any database, server or Web-based service. As a result, the Finance Manager can run reports drawing information from a CRM system on a SQL Server database and blend it with currency data from a Web-service.

The integration capabilities and flexibilities found in the inQube solution ensures it will appeal to those financial professionals seeking robust accounting software solutions that meet the demands of today and the needs of tomorrow.

[Photo courtesy of theucbuyer.]