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Book Review: Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager

Book Review: Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager

Do you desire to increase your selling success?

If so, you need to read Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager, written by Lee B. Salz.

In his book, Salz provides sales people with an energy boost and an easy to implement sales tool kit. His book was inspired by the gap that exists between sales people and their managers; and Salz tackles this issue head on!

The book was written to help sales people and their managers remain competitive. Those who fail to adapt become extinct, just like the dodo bird of ages ago. Many laugh at the use of the word “dodo,” but there is nothing funny about a business losing its competitive edge due to unmanaged change.

In his book, he bridges the gap between sales people and their managers. The book empowers sales people by providing structure, guidance and support for them so they can create their own sales system which he refers to as sales architecture®. Told in a mentoring style, the book provides focus to an entire sales organization, helping them become self-sufficient and enabling them to perform at levels they never thought possible. It is with this new toolset that sales people learn to adapt and thrive.

Lee B. Salz is President of Sales Dodo, LLC and author of “Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager.” He specializes in helping companies and their sales organizations adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of business. Lee is available for keynote speaking, business consulting, and sales training. He can be reached via email at, his website at or by phone at 763.416.4321.

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