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BPMOnline CRM Makes it to the Finals of CRM Idol 2011

This week, CRM Idol announced that BPMonline CRM (, along with and Zestia, has made it to the final round of their CRM Idol 2011 competition, which aims to draw attention to the most innovative companies in the CRM software world.

With regards to BPMonline CRM, the judges said, “BPMonline CRM is one of the most substantial contenders in this category that we’ve seen emerge in a long time…[They are] one of the most evolved applications that we’ve seen in this competition – providing deep user-friendly customization at an incredibly inexpensive price point.”

CRM Idol put out an open call for submissions early this year for the first 40 companies in the Americas and 20 in EMEA who submitted. After an extensive elimination process, which included not only their initial application materials, but also interviews, behind the scenes activity, and more, CRM Idol narrowed it down to these three finalists. In the coming weeks, they will choose one winner from the Americas and one winner from EMEA to be crowned the CRM Idol of 2011.

Paul Greenberg, who started the contest, has been very open about the process in choosing the CRM Idol finalists, saying, “So if you can’t or won’t put in the effort to do [all the required application materials], don’t bother to apply. Seriously. We’re trying to help out here and we want you guys all to succeed but it’s a two way street.”

Now that BPMonline has surpassed the first few hurdles into finalist territory, they will now go head-to-head with Workbooks ( and Zestia ( for the CRM Idol 2011 prize, which includes free access to CRM and ERP software and services from the top companies in the industry, such as Accenture, Microsoft, and SugarCRM.

For more information about BPMonline, their opponents, and the CRM Idol contest, visit

[Photo courtesy of MYcustomer.]