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Bright Future for Progressive Company, BrightEdge

BrightEdge, a new company based in San Mateo, CA, announces the general availability of the BrightEdge SEO Platform.  BrightEdge has been developing its SEO, or search engine optimization, platform since 2007 with major companies, including Myspace, Vmware, and Symantec.  Jim Yu and Lemuel Park, the company’s founders, created this SEO technology to allow customers to increase their revenue from organic searches.

The BrightEdge SEO Platform allows marketers to prioritize SEO projects based on their forecasted return on investment (ROI), see analyses of what their competitors are doing, and execute specific SEO strategies.  These three key features of BrightEdge’s SEO Platform enable companies to acquire the knowledge they need to increase their online traffic and ultimately their revenue.
BrightEdge has helped to drive in more than $1 billion in organic search revenue annually for their major customers, including Branders, Trulia, VMware, and others.  It is the leading on-demand SEO platform. “BrightEdge has been instrumental in helping the business better leverage search and define an SEO roadmap driven by business metrics and actual ROI,” said John Forrester, the Director of Online Marketing at VMware. Now that BrightEdge’s SEO Platform is generally available, the numbers should continue to increase.

This up and coming company has a strong management team, including their VP of Product Marketing who worked for AOL, their Chief Architect who worked at Digg, and their Director of Product Management who worked at  Expect to see more of BrightEdge in the near future.

[Photo courtesy of 500px.]