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Business Intelligence Software Provider iDashboards Enjoys Record Year

Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard software provider, iDashboards just recently celebrated their most successful year to date. This is the third consecutive year that the company has posted off the chart sales and successes that have been sustained by an increase in direct and partner sales.

iDashboards’ award-winning engineering and patented technology has been designed to help companies control information assets through visual, real-time and personalized BI dashboards, offering the ability to analyze, track and search through a wealth of information.

The company’s global customers range anywhere from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized organizations. One thing they all have in common is that they are all making better decisions with the help of iDashboards. The company maintains its private headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

iDashboards nearly doubled its revenue in 2010 and also released two new programs: iDashboards Enterprise Edition: Version 7.0 and iDashboards X Platform. This rise in company revenue was also accelerated by tracking many worldwide events in 2010, including the World Cup Tournament, NCAA Basketball Tournament and the Winter Olympics.

The company’s worldwide expansion has been highly driven by the need for a user-friendly business intelligence platform. Many of iDashboards customers are looking for a program that can adapt to and help suit their needs in industries such as, telecom, hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, retail, insurance education, credit unions, healthcare, government and utility and energy.

iDashboards CEO believes the comprehensive platform and user-friendly idea of the company’s business intelligence platform is what brings iDashboards the most success. The company is planning to continue to follow its strategy for growth in 2011 and grow throughout the coming years.

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