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ClickEquations Integrates Offline and Online CRM Measurement for Paid Search

ClickEquations now offers the capability of external conversion tracking to allow advertisers to track, analyze and optimize paid search campaigns based on the value of conversion points as a result of CRM data.

The aim of the new program is to create more accurate reporting and have the ability to make smarter bid management decisions. It also allows companies to track the entire value of their paid search traffic and integrate this value into detailed reporting for consideration when making bids and other management decisions.

The January 2011 release of ClickEquations involves external conversion tracking within the CRM database and connects keywords from an advertiser’s paid search account with the revenue from offline or captured in any external system. The date is then merged into ClickEquations to allow a complete report, analysis and editing of the data. The external conversion tracking enhances the existing analytics in the ClickEquations paid search platform to extend the value of CRM data.

Tagless tracking allows advertisers to use ClickEquations to help track conversions in web analytics software. Offline and latent conversion tracking allows a client to use ClickEquations to create a detailed keyword-level result to report a more accurate bid management decision. Automated bidding and simplified reporting uses ClickEquations to track and report up to six new external conversion events and enables multi-channel merchants or advertisers to consider and approve multiple events.

ClickEquations makes it easy to upload external conversion and revenue data manually and configure the delivered updates automatically via FTP. ClickEquations also has introduced external conversion tracking, which will improve reporting customization and additional bid management capabilities. By leveraging the power of external data with CRM capabilities, ClickEquations extends the value of the overall campaign.

[Photo courtesy of Huffingtonpost.]