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When you think of cloud CRM solutions, chances are is one of the first companies that you think of. However, there are other Cloud CRM solutions out there, such as NetSuite CRM+, Ivinex and Zoho CRM. Keep reading to learn more about’s competitors and see what they have to offer.

NetSuite CRM+

Customer relationship management (CRM) delivered in the cloud is a new wave of adoption throughout the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) sector as these companies are seeking to leverage enterprise-grade technology platforms to achieve differentiation in a competitive market. NetSuite is a powerful player in delivering business software throughout the global marketplace and its NetSuite CRM+ is a robust choice.

The NetSuite CRM+ platform combines specific sales-focused applications, including marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer support and service. This platform also offers powerful sales performance tools, role-based dashboards, order management, mobile integration and capabilities for marketing effectiveness. Flexible customization ensures businesses of all sizes can design this Web-based CRM solution according to their business needs.

Ivinex CRM

Small business CRM from Ivinex is designed to deliver control and customization to the small business owner. This platform allows the owner to easily make changes, including adding new fields, changing field names and even creating unique applications within the Small Business CRM platform. This approach ensures that no matter how complex the business or its processes, the Ivinex CRM platform can fit its needs.

With Ivinex CRM, the SMB can enjoy a central repository of all client data to drive increased customer retention; better pipeline management to close more business; accurate data capture and management to deliver higher level of service to customers; a 16 to 1 click reduction to streamline standard CRM processes; allows for automated business rules to drive activities; tracking capabilities to monitor all communications and transactions with customers; reporting and dashboards designed and leveraged according to business needs; easy accessibility on any Internet-connected computer; and easy integration for key databases.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM puts all valuable sales information into one central location that works tightly with the Microsoft Office environment. The information captured in this platform can easily be analyzed and shared with all key players, enabling sales and management to easily make decisions on the fly. An always-on connection to Excel provides the integration needed to turn customer information into dynamic snapshots. These snapshots provide all users with an instant view of the health of the sales department, increases or potential company expansions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also ensures sales teams can specifically target their campaigns according to the customer base or qualified leads. Marketing automation helps to simplify tasks such as building customer and lead lists, creating powerful and targeted campaigns and measuring the business results of those campaigns. Important follow-up tasks are also easily scheduled within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build on established or even developing customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also leverages the Microsoft .NET Framework, information filtering for those working offline, and SQL server reporting services to drive robust analytics.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM enables the SMB to capture valuable customer data in one platform to effectively manage those contacts and all activities associated with each account. Whether the sales professional is building a base, supporting a current client list or blending a healthy pipeline with both, Zoho CRM is designed to provide the tools necessary to create an effective sales force focused on identifying quality leads and closing profitable sales. This one-stop application manages several steps of the sales process, keeping important information contained and visible for easy management.

Zoho CRM also provides an import wizard, Web forms and a Zoho CRM API so companies can add third party business application data to the customer contact list. Drag and drop customization ease the implementation process according to business needs and POP-enabled e-mail ensures full integration with Zoho CRM. Assignment rules can also be created for client data to ensure a consistent experience is delivered for the customer each and every time they receive support, and the application easily integrates with Outlook through a Zoho CRM Plug-in.

ClaritySoft CRM

The contact management aspect of the ClaritySoft CRM platform is a powerful function for sales professionals as it enables them to easily manage a higher volume of sales opportunities and close more business. This function incorporates the important elements of contact management, including regular follow-up activities and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, extending the value of the ClaritySoft CRM platform.

To ensure it could be easily adopted by small businesses and sales teams throughout the global marketplace, ClaritySoft developed its CRM in the cloud from the ground up. This approach to development ensured an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that would work the way sales professionals do so it truly can enable them to do their jobs more effectively. Not only is such an approach a good idea for users, it also helps to drive market growth for ClaritySoft.

LeadMaster Online CRM

LeadMaster Online CRM is an easy to use online CRM solution. The system is designed to optimize flexibility and support scalability which means that companies from large enterprises down to small businesses in a variety of industries. LeadMaster Online CRM provides users with the ability to funnel leads and inquires into a single database that can later be used for assignment, further qualification or follow-up. Users can also set permissions for the central database which allows users to control how the data is distributed across the company.

LeadMaster Online CRM is also a highly customizable solution that allows their users to tailor the CRM to meet their business needs. All of these features offered by LeadMaster Online CRM are offered at half the cost of solutions.

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