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Coming Soon: Microsoft Dynamics 4.0

Coming Soon: Microsoft Dynamics 4.0

In January, Microsoft announced that it would be launching the next major release of its Dynamics CRM suite sometime in mid-year.

The release, currently code-named “Titan”, reinforces the company’s continued focus on the on-demand, software-as-a-services (SaaS) market, and will serve as Microsoft’s first fully-hosted customer relationship management platform.

Key Titan features will include:

* An advanced multi-tenant architecture
* A single code base to support multiple implementation types
* Three deployment options – CRM Live hosted by Microsoft, CRM Live hosted by a third-party, or in-house

Titan is currently being previewed to key Microsoft alliances. More than 300 partners are already participating in the product’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP), with an additional 1,000 partners expected to join the program in the second quarter.

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