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How to Convert Your New Hire into Your Star Performer

How to Convert Your New Hire into Your Star Performer

Each time you hire an employee, your business gains another opportunity to develop the next superstar who will go above and beyond with their duties, complete all assignments fully and efficiently and even boost company morale. Yet that potential hinges on whether your organization employs the proper tools to help train, nurture and engage your new employee.

If your company provides the resources for recruiting tools and HR management software and then calls it a day, well, odds are those funds will probably go to waste. Why? Because you’re missing a key component of the employee management cycle: the phase where you invest in the employee themselves.

Why Invest in Your Employees?

Voluntary employee turnover was at 11 percent in 2014, which means that more than 1 in 10 people in the workforce willingly left their jobs. Most frequently workers quit voluntarily because of four vital factors: dissatisfaction with management, intolerable workloads, lack of respect and recognition and low or negative company culture.

Employers can rectify these issues and boost retention simply by devoting more time and effort toward employee communication and growth. Employee-focused practices such as goal management, coaching, education and feedback cycles represent a few of the areas that business owners can work on to foster a happier, higher-performing workforce.

Below, we’ve created a handy infographic that shows how best to focus on your employees in order to convert your new hire into your star performer.


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