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CRM Reviews: Gets Bigger and Better through Radian6 Acquisition

Recent CRM reviews indicate that a revolutionary leader in CRM software solutions, particularly cloud-based solutions, is about to become even more powerful through its acquisition of Radian6. CRM Reviews emphasize Radian6 as a company whose role is focused on social media monitoring and engagement- providing companies with the opportunity to listen, measure, and interact with customers and customer CRM reviews across various social media outlets. Acquiring Radian6 for a total of $326 million was a smart move for, as it has now gained the market leader in social media marketing. This is an investment that will surely not regret; the benefits of the acquisition are estimated to boost the company’s total revenue for 2012 by roughly $5 million dollars.

What Does This Mean for the Bigger Picture?

Social CRM is a rapidly growing market which is estimated to be worth $ 1.1 billion this year. Salesforce’s acquisition of Radian6 is making a statement about the strong influence that social media monitoring/marketing has in the CRM marketplace today. is essentially advocating the growing importance of social media monitoring. The Radian6 acquisition will give their customers the ability to effectively respond to CRM reviews- whether they are negative or positive- on social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, etc. The customer CRM reviews will also provide Salesforce’s customers of an idea regarding where they stand in the eyes of the public, and what areas of their CRM solutions need to be worked on. Since is a pioneer in CRM software solutions, it is likely that other companies will jump on the bandwagon and start realizing the significance of social media in today’s business world.

Merging Two Worlds

Radian6’s technology will be implementing social media intelligence across various platforms of, such as the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and Force platforms. It will be exciting to see Radian6 and, companies with two drastically different backgrounds and areas of expertise, join together and complement each other.

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