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ERP SaaS Trends. View Webinars Now.’s success in offering on-demand, SaaS applications changed expectations for software delivery. ERP buyers find many aspects of SaaS attractive – low startup costs, fast deployment, and predictable monthly fees. To address this market several new ERP SaaS offerings have emerged. Learn more about ERP SaaS below.

How SaaS ERP Changes the Game: The Slam-Dunk Advantage for Mid-Market Companies
Video provided by: NetSuite

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like NetSuite are re-defining the ERP playing field for growing and mid-size firms.

On-demand delivery combined with a single business management application suite provide unprecedented value and ROI. TechVentive’s President Brian Sommer, a noted industry analyst and expert in enterprise business applications and on-demand solutions, describes the game-changing advantages of SaaS ERP for your business.

Part 1: ERP Is Falling Behind
Video provided by: Workday

Any company “on the upgrade treadmill” knows the shortcomings of yesterday’s ERP solutions. Governance, agility and other key requirements of today’s global business cannot be built on a flawed functional foundation. Learn how Workday has rethought business applications from the ground-up.

Running Your Business at the Speed of On-Demand: Software Breakthroughs for Managing Your Growing Company
Video Provided by: NetSuite Software

Hear internationally recognized business management solution expert Bruce Richardson, Chief Research Officer of AMR Research, and Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite Inc., in a discussion about you why business software provided On-Demand has created a breakthrough for midsize businesses.

From Applications to Services: The Shift to On-Demand
White paper provided by: WorkdayThis paper from Workday covers:
* How current on-premise software solutions fall well short of meeting today’s business needs.
* How object technology provides flexibility for your business.
* Why the current tools and applications companies rely on to remain competitive and adapt to rapid change fall well short of what’s needed.
* The cost advantages of Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, versus traditional on-premise solutions

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