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First Annual SuiteWorld Expo Hall Draws Big Names As Well As Up and Comers

The 2011 NetSuite SuiteWorld Cloud Conference in San Francisco was marked not only by big announcements, but also unique opportunities for networking between big names and up and comers in the Cloud Computing industry. Featuring over 60 vendors and partners, SuiteWorld’s Expo Hall was not filled only with important players such as Dell and IBM, but also growing companies such as and Trajectory. Throughout the conference, the Expo Hall was marked by lively conversations and brief demos as attendees and exhibitors alike took advantage of this opportunity to discuss cloud applications and development with colleagues.

Following the opening keynote on Tuesday, attendees could then walk on over to the Expo Hall to talk to Yammer for more details on their partnership with NetSuite in creating SuiteSocial. Among the dozens of cloud computing industry leaders at the Expo Hall, it seemed that every segment of the business software industry was represented. From content management to call center operations to warehouse management, SuiteWorld ran the gamut of business software companies, demonstrating that computing in the cloud can cover any aspect of business operations. The Expo Hall was laid out in such a way that attendees could easily walk from booth to booth and meet with every vendor featured, even with such Platinum Partners as Epiphany, Pardot, and Wipro.

In addition to booths hosting representatives from some of the most innovative companies in the cloud computing industry, the SuiteWorld Expo Hall featured a NetSuite Solution Theatre and the SuiteGurus at the NetSuite Booth. Where the SuiteGurus stood on hand at the NetSuite booth to answer more specific questions about NetSuite’s business solutions (giving attendees a chance to talk one-on-one with NetSuite’s expert team of Technical Support), the NetSuite Solution Theatre ran brief demos of NetSuite’s offerings and how businesses can apply those solutions to their own operations. The Expo Hall also hosted SuiteLife–a comfortable lounge area where attendees could take a break from networking to recharge their electronics and grab a quick snack or coffee.

It was an exciting first day to SuiteWorld, and NetSuite organizers themselves were pleasantly surprised with how well their first conference started out. Judging by the turnout and quality of companies attracted by this first SuiteWorld Cloud Conference, this will more than likely become a must-attend event in the future.

Did you or your colleagues attend SuiteWorld 2011? If so, what did you think? What, if anything, would you like to see at future SuiteWorld conferences? Be sure to post your thoughts in the comment field below.

[Photo courtesy of netsuiteblogs.]