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Gartner Predicts Business Intelligence in Mobile/Social Platforms

New research from Gartner suggests that enterprises are changing the way they access business intelligence and where they purchase the solutions. This research found that there are significant changes in the business intelligence (BI) market that suggest that by 2014, the majority of enterprises will possess business intelligence that is both IT-owned and report focused.

The research firm also determined that four major trends will emerge by 2014. These trends will mature and even transforms the market. Companies will be forced to either adapt to these changes or lose out on the promised benefits. Perhaps the most important trend in this space will be the development of the business intelligence market for mobile devices.

Gartner estimates show that 33 percent of all business intelligence functionality will be used exclusively on handsets. This functionality will first begin with the porting of existing reports and dashboards to the mobile, and then will evolve with the reach of mobile devices. By next year, vendors will develop mobile business intelligence applications for specific tasks or domains.

Gartner’s research report, Predicts 2011: New Relationships Will Change BI and Analytics, also indicates that enterprises are already starting to create complete environments that consist of collaboration technology, business intelligence and social software in order to achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace.

As we move forward toward 2014, organizations will not only change the type of business intelligence and analytics they use, they will also change the way this information feeds their decision making. Gartner research director Neil Chandler suggests that leaders in business intelligence and analytics should embrace the technology, market and management trends that are set to transform this field in the very near future.

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