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Harvard Business School to Benefit from WiseWindow Business Intelligence Program

WiseWindow recently announced it has gifted Harvard Business School’s Baker Library a $5 million dollar program. The program will provide the library with real time data and toolsets for educational use in the development of post-graduate curriculum and research.

The new program, MOBI 2.0, (Mass Opinion Business Intelligence) is designed to help train the next generation of MBAs on how to effectively manage business in real time which is something the students have never had access to before.

The initial deployment to students and faculty was completed in early February. Harvard Business School’s MBA candidates now have full access to the MOBI platform and they are using it in their curriculum development.

The program is teaching students about real-time business decision-making and management, business economics and demand-based modeling, and in research. It also includes how to support case study-based coursework.

The Executive Director of Knowledge and Library Services at Harvard Business School, Mary Lee Kennedy said they support Harvard Business School’s mission by enabling the creation of ideas, expertise and information.

The MOBI 2.0 combines cloud computing, proprietary deep website crawling, relevance recognition and statistical natural language analysis, which provides business decision makers with the unmatched ability to identify, measure and qualify consumer intent information in real time before it turns into action.

MOBI distills the data into a pre-defined, structure database providing an up to the minute view of consumer sentiment. This is done by collecting, analyzing and classifying the billions of unbiased consumer comments made online annually from across the web.

President of WiseWindow, Marshall Toplansky, said they are thrilled to be at Harvard Business School training some of the world’s future business leaders, especially since Harvard is one of the most prestigious educational facilities in the world.

[Photo courtesy of forbesimg.]