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Hosted eMail Marketing, is it Secure?

Hosted eMail Marketing, is it Secure?

The CRM Advisor
You ask the questions, and our resident CRM guru shares her wisdom.

This week’s question:
“I’m currently evaluating email marketing solutions.  If I choose a hosted solution, how secure will my customer contact information be?”



A: The good news is that most third-party vendors are aware of concerns like these, and have addressed them quite successfully. 

Today, many providers of hosted email marketing solutions have rigid security measures in place, to prevent sensitive customer and prospect contact data from being lost or corrupted, or from falling into the wrong hands.  Highly effective techniques such as database partitioning, multiple levels of user login authentication, database mirroring, anti-virus protection, and advanced firewalls have helped to keep information housed on external servers protected from a variety of risks at all times.  In fact, if you choose an outsourced email marketing solution from an established service provider, your data is likely to be just as secure as if you were installing an on-site application and managing the information yourself.

However, if you still have concerns, you can – for an additional fee – ask for a dedicated server to be used solely to support your email marketing services and all related data.

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