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How iLinc is Making the IT World a Little Greener

iLinc Web conferencing products are widely recognized as powerful tools for more effective virtual communication.  Whether enabling a Web meeting or hosting a virtual classroom, iLinc’s software is known for its reliability, security, and productivity-enhancing features.

But iLinc, whose customers include HP, Aetna, The U.S. Army, Citigroup, Xerox, and 5 U.S. States, is recognized in the industry for more than the quality of its software: the company is respected in the business software world for its commitment to environmental responsibility and for furthering the growth of a “green environment” in the world of IT technology.  A recipient of the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence Award, iLinc offers an innovative “Green Meter” to its customers, enabling them to see the immediate environmental impact that results from their use of iLinc’s “green” technology.

The iLinc Green Meter is completely unique, available exclusively in iLinc software.  An automatic calculator inside the iLinc sustainable business Web conferencing software, the Meter offers a high level of flexibility, enabling the client to measure metrics such as CO2 emissions, distance of travel saved, and the environmental – as well as fiscal – ROI.

The iLinc Green Meter originated in 2007, when iLinc President and CEO, James Powers, attended an event honoring Al Gore.  The opportunity to meet with Gore motivated Powers to consider how iLinc technology could contribute to the global movement to reverse climate change.

So how does it work? The iLinc Green Meter calculates distances between the session participants and the session host in geographic coordinates.  If that distance is less than 200 miles, the meter calculates the emission based on automobile travel.  For further distances, the meter calculates the CO2 based on air travel, taking into account short versus long-distance flight variables.  The iLinc Green Meter then tallies the amount of CO2 that is omitted for each attendee and stores that data for each session.  The result is a clear picture of the total environmental impact by the individual and organization as a whole.

By August 2007, just 2 years after introducing its software, iLinc’s customers had prevented over one billion pounds of carbon emissions from harming the environment.  Showing this kind of impact, iLinc is setting the example for customers and fellow vendors everywhere and doing its part to make the IT world a little greener.

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