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IDV Solutions Makes Visual Business Intelligence Possible on Salesforce

Business intelligence software goes a long way to enabling a company to leverage the data it gathers on a customer and integrate it into product and service development, sales channels and marketing campaigns.

To help these companies take business intelligence to the next level, IDV Solutions has released a Salesforce Data Connector for Visual Fusion business intelligence software. This new connector is designed to allow business users to combine data from Salesforce with other critical business information that is housed inside Visual Fusion applications.

This combination point allows for the enhancement of the Salesforce platform with the integration of interactive data visualization, as well as superior business intelligence. A public demo is available in Salesforce Visual which demonstrates the new capability made possible through the visualization of Salesforce data with Fortune 500 historical content.

Salesforce users can operate within Visual Fusion to interact with their data in graphs, charts, timelines and maps. Business users can leverage interactive data filters to slice data to allow for a closer focus on key subsets or to interact with individual populations within the data set. In promoting in-depth analysis and opening new discovery avenues, Visual Fusion amplifies the value of Salesforce data.

As an innovative business intelligence software solution, Visual Fusion is designed to unite data sources in a web-based, visual context for better insight and greater understanding. This latest released allows for a direct connection to the Salesforce database so users can combine Salesforce data with business information.


[Photo courtesy of ecrs.]