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InQuira Acquired by Oracle to Gain Leverage in the CRM Competition Ring

Recently Oracle has announced the acquisition of InQuira, a company that focuses on analytics and knowledge-base offerings for CRM vendors. Although the terms of the acquisition remain unknown, the systems integration is raising anticipation within the CRM market. Oracle CRM’s senior vice president, Anthony Lye, publicized that by acquiring InQuira, Oracle gains an entire knowledge-management suite, combined with self-service support, web-based customer forums and team-supported CRM. Lye anticipates InQuira to pose as the centerpiece for Oracle’s Fusion CRM Solution. Oracle plans to utilize InQuira’s capabilities to offer an integrated suite of innovative solution that can deliver an in-depth and conveniently customizeable experience for all clients, regardless of industry focus.

InQuira’s integration with Oracle is just an additional indication of the rising competition within the CRM realm. Prior to this acquisition, Microsoft released their Dynamics CRM Online, which acts as the cloud alternative for the 2011 Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft initiated the software battle with Oracle when they launched their new product. The capability for users to utilize a cloud platform with Microsoft Software, overrode Oracle’s integrated stack of hardware and software.  Meanwhile, has bet its chips on the idea that businesses want their CRM with features such as real-time social networking. has been simultaneously optimizing their consistently celebrated features such as real time social networking. Microsoft and Salesforce consumed the majority of the 2010 year feuding over intellectual property patents. Since Microsoft and Salesforce’s 2010 lawsuits, Oracle has also entered the competitive ring with a mutual and publicized animosity with its competitors.

Every company thriving within the realm of CRM–including SAP for their offerings that foster an integrated CRM platform solution geared mainly towards sales departments–must continuously expand and enhance innovative features and functionality. This will give CRM providers leverage in the fierce competition. However, most technology and software experts agree that a consistently overruling CRM provider is far from being established.

Although Oracle is constantly occupied enhancing other software technicalities, they remain committed to stabilizing and strengthening their capabilities within their CRM space. The enterprise proclaimed on July 19 that KSplice is an additional acquisition. Oracle is enticed with KSplice’s capabilities to allow Linux administrators to deliver prompt software updates and security issues, without every removing the system from the online network.

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