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iPhone vs. Blackberry

The litany of new smart phones available may leave you confused about which to choose. To help you decide amid the mobile madness, here is a comparison of two industry-leading models: the iPhone and Blackberry.

The iPhone versus the Blackberry

The iPhone 4G is set to be released within a few short weeks. This newest generation of iPhone features the long-expected video chat yet to be popularized in the cell phone industry. The camera has been improved with a better lens and camera flash. The SIM card has changed to a micro SIM. The new iPhone will have a larger battery, so the screen and other components will be slightly smaller than the 3G. It is also slightly heavier. Any consumer looking to buy an iPhone should wait momentarily for the 4G.

But in general, the iPhone is an immediate  source of visual pleasure. The touch screen is intuitive and endlessly entertaining. The number of iPhone apps fulfills most arbitrary needs, from obtaining business statistics charts to turning your mobile into an invisible shotgun complete with sound effects.  Your typical Apple lover of multimedia, visualizations, and sleek modernity should go for the iPhone.

The iPhone is yet an imperfect device, and considered more than imperfect by some. The touch screen can be frustrating to type on. Fingerprints and smudges are inevitable. Battery life mileage seems to vary, and the exclusive AT&T coverage isn’t dependable.

The alternative is the businessman’s mobile workhorse, the Blackberry. There isn’t much in the way of frills. It has a smaller screen and keypad, but it’s more reliable. It has a longer battery life and more dependable reception. It’s a better organizational tool; emails and attachments are received more easily. There are plenty of business-related apps for the Blackberry.

If you’re feeling adventurous and can’t resist the features, go with the iPhone. It is certainly the most entertaining phone out there. The Blackberry is the more ordinary (as ordinary as a smart phone can be), but practical business choice.

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