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Jaspersoft Delivers Solid Business Intelligence Solutions

Jaspersoft, an open source business intelligence solutions provider, has announced the availability of Jaspersoft 4. The company is touting this solution as the first complete business intelligence suite designed specifically for web applications.

This latest business intelligence release offers a new module user interface architecture that includes visual dashboarding and self-service features. This approach successfully separates the content and presentation layers to enable a company to keep up with web application standards. The Jaspersoft 4 is designed to significantly accelerate the process of bringing business intelligence to users.

According to Jaspersoft Chief Marketing Officer Jim Bell, the company’s overall goal is to make business intelligence more pervasive and get it into the hands of those who can use it. Jaspersoft has been doing this with 175,000 open source community members and 160,000 production deployments.

Jaspersoft is also enjoying strong growth among its paying customers. The company currently has 100 cloud-based customers and 1,000 paying subscribers. Another 13,000 have paid for training and documentation.

Currently, half of Jaspersoft’s users are relying on software to embed business intelligence in another application. As a result, the new version’s focus is on integration and embedded business intelligence. The other half of the company’s users relies on the solution as a standalone business intelligence offering.

In addition to its business intelligence offerings, Jaspersoft 4 also delivers reporting, data integration and analysis features, such as OLAP and in-memory analytics. Users can opt to deploy this solution out-of-the-box and on-premise, in a multi-tenant SaaS environment or simply in the cloud.

The annual subscription pricing for the Jaspersoft platform runs $20,000 to $30,000 per CPU socket.

[Photo courtesy of dailydot.]