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Dell Chooses Teradata for Business Intelligence

Today, Dell announced their decision to use Teradata’s business intelligence software as the foundation for their data analytics. Dell First employed Teradata’s BI software because of the flexibility of the platform. It offered unhindered data access with strong enterprise analytics and visualizations. The BI solution also provided an easy to use interface that allowed for scalability and enabled Dell to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

The Teradata BI solution is more than capable of handling today’s dynamic business environment, and it played a critical role in improving Dell’s operating efficiency. With the Teradata BI software in place, they were able to assess customer needs, increase operational efficiency, and forecast for future business patterns and trends.

Vice President of Enterprise Business Intelligence at Dell, James Franklin, described the role that BI plays at Dell. He said, “Business intelligence is vital to Dell and is a critical piece of helping us better anticipate and meet the desires of our customers, driving efficiencies, and gaining critical insights. Teradata provides an important enabling technology that helps us understand what has happened, but more importantly what is likely to happen as we forecast future business patterns for our customers and business processes.”

Another differentiating factor of Dell’s BI software is the scalability. The platform allows for new customers to purchase a smaller system, but with the capacity to grow over time to accommodate more users, more reports, and more data sources. Teradata doesn’t present a one size fits all solution, but rather they take a unique approach to offer BI solutions tailored for the needs of each individual business.

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[Photo courtesy of insidebigdata.]