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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrates Twitter

Microsoft’s recent announcement of its “Social Networking Accelerator” could be a sign of things to come. With the explosion of many social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it was only a matter of time before CRM Software providers started to create applications and tools which integrate these popular social networking sites into their CRM applications.

Microsoft’s new Social Networking Accelerator will initially only serve as a means to gather more information by monitoring customer tweets to generate more data. This will provide Microsoft Dynamics users a firsthand look at what customers say or think about their products. This should provide companies with immediate benefits in knowing customer opinions and assist in making decisions regarding any future product enhancements.

With real-time updates from customer feedback, customer service levels could improve dramatically. Companies can quickly take customer opinions into consideration and quickly address any customer concerns to provide improved response times and more personalized support.

The use of social networking websites as a means to manage customer relations could be revolutionary for the CRM Software industry. CRM providers are already taking notice of the potential of social networking as a means of managing customer relationships. has already released features designed to integrate social networking sites, and many other CRM providers are soon expected to follow suit. The future of CRM could be in the midst of a dramatic overhaul.

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